Just grins.


 Swim. Swim. A sinking feeling comes over me.  A flushing of darkness like deepest of sea.  
Pushing me breathless depressingly.  The crushing recklessness before us we see.  
 A village, a city, a country, the globe.  There's not one solution that we shouldn't probe.
The world as we know it may come to a close.  But that's not the purpose of this little prose.  
 Corruption and health care.  Soil, water and air.  These weighty fishues still warrant care!
But. occasionally, one must lose one's despair, and be raised from the darkness with comedic fare.
 Avast!  My matey! My ballast too weighty.  Many waves crest over the bow.
Hard not to be saddened, fearful and maddened by the shape most ships are in now.
Swimming these rivers, a message delivers, a new direction of the main current flow.
Schooling together to try to make better, each of the fish in our bowl.
 Hooking my own lips.  Sinking my own ship.  Stepping out of limerick.  
Rather than trying to mussel pearls into nautical rhyme, 'tis important enough to express in impromptu time."  
 I wish to express appreciation for the lightness provided by our humorists.  Aloof and reclusive, hardly social, I approached social media with trepidation.  As I do with so many things I know nothing of, I observed, acclimated, adapted and evolved some, too.  
I learn from you each day I wake.  I share with you this catfish's take.  
 Thank you!  To our jokers, humorists, class clowns and comics!  Especially from those who do not "engage" in reality.  For whatever reason.  
Recluse, outlier, outcast, deviant, mutant, fugitive, shut in or catfish, we do not have the relative familiarity and pleasure/discomfort, luxury/torture of humans.  Thus, unless artificially happy, we seldom laugh out loud.  Worse, (I think I can speak for any who think), it's easy for us to slip into over-analytical, under-justifiable, completely understandable, philosophical Phunk!
 Levity is the mermaid freeing the fish and netting the trawler.  The humorists are the vehicle by which the strange, solitary, suspicious, and disdainful catfish, may share in the common liberty, affording a schooling to both, social and, not so much.  
 "The clown fish, colorful quick with wit, ever-ready with retort, rebuke, darting sass and tailsplat SpLaSh!"
Always alert for the presence of predatory offness, sadness, depression, and world weariness and would give the spines off their stickleback.  
 At the risk of another "philophunk" episode, they must be acknowledged.  These jokers and jesters join us and distract us from our fears and woes, but at a price.  
 We've seen it.  We've felt it.  Sadly, too late.  We see these comedic gateways to elsewhere as impossibly unflappable, masters of the mood, heroes of hilarity.  When, in fact, while throwing their life-preserving humor, they have themselves, fallen into very stormy seas.  
    So pull the finger, bite the bait, answer, who's there?  Go give some love to your favorite "laugh-saver". ...swim...swim.  Corny or mopey, suggestive or dopey.


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