Death of a Butterfly



A poem from my ongoing sci-fi project, Masters of the Future.

Butterfly dies
like vanishing sun
Even after gone
in the sky it would shortly linger

Try reaching out an arm
covering the spot with your finger
then looking back

It’s still there
and yet somehow, you know it’s not

You wish it to stay
but you only delay
while dark flies to blot
the last ray of day

When it’s still warm,
no sight of the storm,
there’s respects to pay before
life takes new form

Be grateful you’ve had
what hurts you to lose
Later be sad, now maintain the ruse
Be glad you still have
some moments to use
to choose to find good in the bad

For beauty is born from the pain
spreading its wings like a hurricane
In our garden where keeper is mad
embracing the chaos is sane

Butterfly dies
like vanishing sun
Lighting the fires
of a new one

Dedicated to H. M. R.

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