envy, jealousy and how it can destroy our very beings


Oh for heaven’s sake get a life

Cos you ain’t causing me any strife

Cos I’m getting on with my life!

You rattle and rattle

You wail

You howl

You scowl

You whine

Oh heck where is the wine?

And oh by the way that is mine!

You spied

You tried

I never cried

Yet here I sit

Wondering what your next step would be

You see

I just don’t give a damn

You’re knotted with envy

You’re not my problem

You’re nobody’s problem

You’re, your own problem

You need to fix it

I cannot control it

I cannot teach you

No one can reach you

Just watch others

Or is that a flipping bother?

Oh what a crying shame

It’s yours to blame

Not others

Just you

So here is the blow you!

You can seethe

But I breathe

Envy can be cut with a chainsaw

That’s all it takes!

No mistake

Just look to others

Enjoy their successes

Not envy them

The grass is not always greener this side

It’s also not greener your side

I don’t envy your successes

Success is hard earnt

Not a given right

We all strive, we all arrive

At different stages

Oh this world is a stage

Where we work and play

Players that should be united

Not divided

With envy or greed

We are one, yet so different

Let the envy go

Not destroy you!

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

6th May 2016

All Rights Reserved


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