Penguin's Pen



Penguin really wants to learn to write but his flippers prove to be slippery.

One cold and dark Antarctic night, Penguin said “I want to write.”
So he got some paper and a pen from a friend of a friend of a friend.

Penguin sat down on the ice. His brand new pen was very nice.
The pen was purple, blue and pink with greenish-bluish coloured ink.
Penguin said “Now, let me think, how does a penguin write?”

Penguin grabbed his brand new pen. It slipped! He picked it up again.
It slid away, he couldn’t write. A penguin’s flippers aren’t quite right,
When penguins want to learn to write.

The more he tried, the more it slipped. He could not get a tighter grip.
He tried so hard to hold on tight. “I will, I will! I’ll learn to write.”

He tried to hold it in his beak. He couldn’t write and couldn’t speak.
Penguin tried and tried again and finally picked up the pen.

His writing all looked far too scribbly. His wobbly beak was much too wibbly.

Penguin's pen fell on the floor. He couldn’t write and couldn’t draw.
“I won’t practice any more.”

Penguin said “I feel fed up.” He kicked his new pen with his foot.
But wait! His brand new pen had stuck between the penguin’s toes.

And with the pen between his toes he tried again and said “Here goes…”
Although his writing was not neat, Penguin could write with his feet!

"I can write!” He had his wish. So Penguin wrote his shopping list.
And on it, Penguin wrote down…


And that’s how penguins write.

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