THE QUESTION OF LOVE Theme Poem: The question of love is in three parts: whether, how much and how to? Inspired by: Question: “Do you love me?” Isn't there a reason we feel we must ask this question? One of the three parts probably wasn't fulfilled in our moment.

We go through dips in our lives, and find reasons to question God in our impotence, forgetting that He is omnipotent.

We rhetorically ask the question :"Do you love me?"
Many times we are challenged, things going not so right. 
But for Him, He will not repent.

Even if we go through pains and things not working right. We just need to believe in Him when things are not working.We need just to be grateful. 
He will take us from great to greater. This fruit shall remain!

What He has done will last. Because my later days shall be greater than the former.

We just need to find moments,to say "thank you"



It is a good question to ask,

If I had all the answers,

You would not have the question,

For the solution is sufficient in itself.


The answer to love is in 3 parts,

Whether I love you?

How much I love you?

And How to love you?


At the risk of being labeled,

Rhetorical Mythomaniac,

May I ask this question in return?

 Do you love me?


*echo — is what reverberates through poem. Please note this is not the entire poem!

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