A Line Poem



I did this as a task for university, where we contributed some lines and then had to make a poem from them all.

I remember memories:

The strike of a lighter, 10 a.m.

The clock ticking and dairy-free lasagne

The clock ticking and a brownie at midnight

The clock ticking and I remember

I wasn’t the only one.


The swing used to go so high

The air was warm and the grass was singing;

To my sister

It was a concrete jungle,

Being at home.

To my sister

I was looking out over the water

To my sister I was sparkling in sunlight.


I remember a time but nothing before it.

I put some socks on sitting on the sofa

I don’t remember.

It was small and protected

Not feeling any older watching a film.


I was late.

They are sometimes lost

And they are often broken

But no, they never die.

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