Beneath the clouds



7/10/16 An airy poem of freedom and observation

The wind catches me,

like a kite I glide

I soar...

almost to the clouds. 


I see birds wheel and swoop,

wheel and swoop,

...and dive

below me. 


See them climb the air

bills full of fish,

claws clutching wriggling rabbits...

bird song just out of reach. 


On a background of blue,

your eyes squint as you try

to catch a glimpse

but I am invisible in plain sight. 


The day passes through me

and I let it.

It whispers by me

and peace is mine.


I am calling you,

thinking your name as loudly as I can,

as boldly and proudly as I dare,

from where I stand, I own it. 


You cannot hear me,

not this time, not anymore,

though you used to in your way. 

You would drink my words. 


I float, now like a jellyfish,

now like a boxer...

I dart left and right 

like a hummingbird. 


I am singing to you

my voice doesn't break,

not here, not anymore. 

I sing free, I sing pure. 

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