In The Garden



My questions about human creations, as presented in the first book of Genesis. I present my thoughts and ideas and also ask the questions that have rattled the existence of humanity throughout the ages.

                                                                                 In The Garden 
I feel a complete disconnect in the human sense, but an extraordinary sense of connection to the sensation of life. Each molecule connected by invisible silk strings, intertwining through the ages and species.
Humanity...what is it? What does it mean to be human? Is it our defining characteristics skin and multiple shaped teeth? Or is it our abilities for higher reason? Or is it the moral compass that dwells within our DNA? The compass that is supposed to lead us to enlightenment?
Its been said that in the Garden of Eden a woman by the name of Eve listened to a serpent and bit into an apple; an apple that possessed unfathomable knowledge and the greatest mystery of all. She was told that upon consumption of this apple, she would be struck down and die a physical and spiritual death, and yet she lived. She lived and shared her discovery with her mate, broadening the horizons of the species and opening doors for their offspring to come. Its also been said that the serpent was a mere chalice of all forms of evil. But I disagree. The voice that called to her from above was the one who deceived. Within the garden both good and evil dwelled, hidden within the foliage and the crevices. There was the voice of truth and honesty and one of deception and corruption. It was the serpent who dwelled within the lands of man who spoke the truth. He tempted her to disobey that of which he knew to be harmful. He knew of the test and was send to aid the creations of his master, fearing for their safety. It is by an endless wonder that our species continues to multiply and evolve; the power of an endless being, reining over this physical world in which we dwell.
We are forever doomed to an existence of unanswered questions. The durability of our logic and reason is constantly tested, constantly evolving. We reach our hands into the unknown, hoping that when we pull our hands back, they will have brushed against divinity.
I believe that we die a physical death and descend into a state of endlessness until we are reborn.  I believe that we must die a physical death in order to prepare our state of eternal conscience for the next physical state of being. With each level we become more enlightened until we reach unparalleled wholesomeness and states of eternal peace. Our deaths are merely the price we must pay; a small sacrifice for the wonders in which we will dwell until time reverses itself and everything begins again in a constant and endless cycle, forever changing with each reversal.

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Please do not leave hateful comments or try to convert me or alter my ways of thinking. I believe that each of our beliefs are true, that the all amount to the same level in their most basic sense. We each need to walk our own path, as we are all piece in this puzzle of existence. Thank You. 
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