Broken Home



Nine years old, witness to tragedies of divorce. No one should have to see...

Broken Home

A young boy
should never see
such horror
such tragedy

Eyes too young
to see your mother suffer
at the hands of your father

fists and weapons fly
a world shatters
a nine year old boy begins to cry

The fight goes on
and on
all night
Everything is broken now
my mom, our family
Broken Home

Still can see the mess
in my memory
The cops cuffing my dad
taking him away
somewhere bad

Don’t see him much anymore
after that day
a horrible price to pay
no more we
no more family

Now the real rough starts
On the path to poverty
a young boys world blown apart
all alone to fend
all alone to fight

Broken home
Broken boy
Grows into a
Broken Man

The fight goes on
and on
all night, all my life
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