TWS #6 No End



Dancing with you is like a lightning ride

The dance of finger tips
Lacing up and down
5 strings of woe
5 hearts of hope

Strum chord 1 for the start
Strum chord 2 for the middle
And 3 to never end

Come’n and dance with me
You’ve got nothin’ to lose
All I need is some sweat on the brow
And a shaken loose pair o’hips

‘Cause we’ve got a start
We sure as hell have a middle
Lightning strike me down
We’ll never find the end

As long as we juke
And never stop jivin’
You and me, the
sun’ll never set

Collectin’ sugar till I’m sweet
Dance to the beat of the greasy
Until we’re swept off our feet

‘Cause we’ve had a start
And we’re in the middle
The dawn of the end won’t find us
As long as we dance
To that fallen angel’s fiddle


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