Ode to Privilege



Here's the concept: a friend gives me a list of 15-20 word that I must use in an original poem or short story. It's a game I play. This friend thought she would have me stumped, but I think it turned out okay.

The recalcitrant youth attempts to evade
Puritanical judgments of the primitive community.

His laconic justification--closefisted bureaucrats
Create a legal process marred by their own self interest;
Any lilliputian infraction of outdated laws
Carries overly-severe penalization.

Melancholy overcomes him.
Acutely aware of how own pending catastrophe,
He waxes apologetic in an eleventh hour attempt to pursue
A lesser charge through artifice.

Incarceration would certainly mean he will be forsaken
By family and peers.
He undoubtedly will be incapable of maneuvering
A larger portion of his parent's inheritance while imprisoned.
The accumulation of wealth will indubitably vanish
Prior to his liberation date.

He tugs his raven hair,
Observing his silhouette against the chamber wall
As the verdict is proclaimed.

"The lad is condemned to a decade
Of stunted intellectual growth
To perform menial tasks
Relying solely on manual dexterity."


Translation: Local prep-school brat gets 10-year sentence of hard labor for
"Teensy-weensy boo-boo."

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