TWS #105 — What to Say



A response to the tragic mass slaughter in the Queer and Latino communities in Orlando

What do you say when tomorrow won't come

because you're gay or you wanted to dance

to the techno beat of a Latin drum?

When we can't keep evil from demanding fealty

and ambivalence shouts for the greatest loyalty?

When talking heads rant about terror and Muslims,

crying spilt milk over perverted customs

instead of the lives and loves of the radically joyful

and the homophobia that killed them.


Brothers and sisters

and sliding along

the spectrum of genders,

I love you

because of all you are.

I've got a pen in hand

to shout at the towers of power

and beg for change

from those too swayed

too comfortably stayed

by a back alley exchange


There is more to us

than letting them permit

us to commitment

to treat love like a holy writ.

Their arguments are counterfeit

given gas by a hypocrite.

Stop sitting down and commit

Raise your hands to prove it,

that we won't stop, won't quit,

not for anybody who needs it.

Not for anybody





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