Tinder in Real Life



At 16, I didn't have social media, but I did have ...

Beyond my window, tweet tweet, but not on Twitter
The birds share secrets and chat about the weather

And Facebook is not needed to let my friends see
Which guy I think is cute, or what else is up with me

They come over after school, we get on our bikes
Racing and laughing instead of counting the likes

At 16, I have no Instagram, Snapchat or Tinder
My biggest problem is my “too interested” mother

Stephen doesn’t text, he just stops by
And we still go out, though clouds cover the sky

When the rain pours, we run and hold hands
As if getting soaked is all part of our plan

No selfies have to catch our smiles and the blushes
No emoji to show we are feeling these crushes

Before social media, a moment to remember
Blazes in my mind from my heart’s warm embers.

© 2016 Valencia P.

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