The one who lays beside me.



To that soul whom posses my life and has tended to my eco as if i was a flower fleeing from a wither. To you my dear.

To whom i may gift my kiss? For the last of my live rest in bits.

To whom will i intrust my heart? If the ones who came near made it rot.

To whom will my mind wonder to in dreams? The few who interfier do so only to bring me screams.

Yet i come across your sleeping eyes and you some how bring me peaceful sleep, and when you peek one eye to see me as well i know your the one i want to keep.

When a long night full of horrid dreams leaves me restless. I can always count on your sweet smile to leave my soul breathless.

To you my dear whom i learned to love just as you have learned to love me. There is nothing but your eyes my dear to make me feel truly free.

So i end my day as i gaze at your face at my side. Till the day the my end may come to finally be your bride.

Three words i have for you today that would be "I LOVE YOU". I still cant seem to comprehend how such short sentence can feel so true.


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