Work From Home



Work From Home


It’s 9AM on a weekday, but I’m feeling fine,

Just mailed a ‘WFH’ in my subject line,

Much more productive working from my haven,

In my bathrobe and briefs, relaxed and unshaven,

Undisturbed, I can focus on the tasks I’m assigned,

Seeking peak productivity while fully reclined,

No doubt this is the new model, employers take note!

While I have a moment let me just grab my remote,

Just my luck!  A marathon of my favorite show,

Too bad I can’t watch it while I work…….. although,

Studies show the benefits of background noise,

And man is more productive in a setting he enjoys,

So let me grab a snack, and perhaps just one beer,

I’m relaxed as I instant chat with my peer,

And so focused!  No chance for my mind to roam,

Oh, the efficiency of working from home!

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