The Dark Mother of Okkin Forest



A narrative poem about a folkloric monster lurking about the dark forests near the human kingdoms based in the world of my fantasy novel.

Tis every month, the citizens of Bree,

The people of Haven, and farmers of Kalgry

Come to my forests in search of a gift,

Though their visits are brief, and far too swift.

"A curse, a curse" they said, many years ago.

Back when I was a girl named Sophie Dafoe.

"Kill her!" they demanded my father and ma.

"Cut her to pieces, cut her with a saw!"

Cursed, indeed, was I, make no mistake.

But the townfolks hatred, my parents would not slake.

Or so it seemed, as my parents could not kill

Their only daughter out of their good will.

So they took me over the hills and far away

I was left in the forests, and told to stay.

They left with tears, and broken hearts

Thus my parents and I were ever apart.

But finally my curse came to claim

My body and soul that it soon would maim

And torture and ravage and twist and turn

Oh the pain! T'was only death I yearned.

Then I awoke, feeling slightly amiss

My legs, I now had eight and spoke with a hiss.

I cried, and cried. A monster I'd become…

Ever hidden in the shadows, ever hidden from the sun.

I spent months a recluse, denying my fate.

I learned my new body, and perfected my traits.

But after a while, I had made my choice

To visit my parents and hear their voice.

In the deep night, I visited their house.

I crawled up the walls as quiet as a mouse.

I saw them asleep, in their bed they dreamt.

They were good people, with no ill intent.

But someone spotted me that fateful night

They cried to the city, they cried for the knights.

I ran away, skittering with eight legs beneath.

They chased with axes, and swords they unsheathed.

While I may have escaped, my family did not.

Because of me, in their lies they were caught.

The townsfolk killed them for their lies and deceit

They were burned in fire and consumed in heat.

Since then, I could know nothing but rage.

Blaming them for sparing a daughter so young in age?

How could they? What monsters! A devil's play!

I swore on my soul, that the people would pay!

Years went by, before I preyed on the weak.

On the people of Norbridge, and men of Cowl's Creek.

One by one, they would be mysteriously taken

I'd leave a web in their stead, and the people were shaken.

Out of desperation, they begged for mercy.

"Please forgive us our crimes, please leave us be!"

I said, "Give me a child, newborn and fresh,

And feel the pain of my mom, the pain of my flesh."

So they did, a new child, 12 times a year.

I left them alone, t'was my promise I'd adhere.

At least for now… until my brood was fully grown.

Bred to kill… yes... parents killed by their own.

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