Rice Pudding Again!



Can a poem have a sequel....? I don't see why not! I reprise the tale of the The Best Ever Rice Pudding, the next morning. The original recipe is here; https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Poetry/54340


Six brown eyes regarding me,

Appeal in every one.

Its breakfast time! Its breakfast time!

Don't worry dogs, its done.


With smiles on pointy faces,

They dance around my thighs.

Ears pricked and tails a-wag,

And noses reaching high.


You'd think they were all starving,

You'd think they're never fed.

You'd think they'd run nine miles or ten,

Not just got out of bed.


The high point of their morning,

Is nearly in sight!

They think they've got rice pud again....

It happens that they're right.



© Marcus Brook 2017

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