That's a Stat



a poem I wrote last night about apathy


We don't see it anymore
Shut the dor
We look through
Our peepholes

It's ugly they're dirty homeless
How do they get that way
We dismiss it to the mundane
Oh well it happened again.

That's a stat
and I'm good with that

I don't see it really
It's in a shiny magazine
It's just a stat
Until it happens to me

That's sad that bombing
Wow came without warning
The topic becomes chit chat
Cause that's just gonna be

A stat

What are the odds
Is that our slant? and
I say I want to live
without consequence

What's trending now
Will cause more chatter
Than anyone that questions
What's the matter?

It's just a stat

That will be how they explain
If the next generation makes it
It will be as easy as predicting the rain
To get all you fools to believe it

It's just what the stats will show.
It's all you and I have to know

You see it's not a democracy
We are all in a state of total

And stats will show it.

Nobody cares
Take a poll
Call for a vote
It's getting old

Then the next headline
Fires out their truth
So you sit and cry
For a few hours watching news.

and they have stats for that!

So how many will die ?
If they find a cure surely
They will have to invent
another lie.

But They will have stats
That's just a stat
Heart's can be broken
that are not pure.

I'm a smoker
I'm a gambler
I am living poor
I have one check
Another train wreck
and they predict more
I'm a heart attack
I have cancer
Yet there is a knock
at the door
Meds tomorrow
please deliver before
I fall on the floor

and become another stat

That's a stat
I'm a stat
now for sure.
Global Scriggler.DomainModel.Publication.Visibility
There's more where that came from!