The Horses of Kosciusko



with the growing debate on culling our beautiful horses, this piece offers their side of a sad story in a beautiful landscape.

She was white like the purest of snow that once graced the high peaks of Kosciusko

Flesh rippled in the morning light and droplet of moisture like pearls moved across her body

She moved slowly, leisurely, enjoying the early warmth of the day.

It came in rays that were filtered down through the thickest of gum and ash now naked and white

devoid of life to the roots where the white powdered ground carpeted a landscape bared in winters kiss

She watched others of her kind, some dappled with rich browns and others purest ebony all moved slowly

the young and the old, her family that stretched into decades like the branches of the gum trees above them

cockatoos screeched a morning hello  and in answer the morning song of the carrawong cheered in unison

Kookaburras laughed at the wonder of the world and she moved forward toward 

Her body was heavy, but not from food. 

life moved restlessly, prodding from inside as if judging the space left in warmth and safety of its mother.

Life was all around. 


in the distant the familiar crack of death shattered the beauty of the morning

birds scattered in all directions, the morning chorus now a scream of terror.

those around her jumped and called to each-other, the fear spreading through them like wind through leaves

quickly, violently they rushed onward. 

the charge familiar now, the noise though still terrifying had been heard in the pristine silence for many days 

the rush to safety was a persistent drive that moved them onward toward the edge of the of the woodlands

before them was the rugged ranges where trees did not grow straight and tall

they were twisted and gnarled like mutated lifeforms of another place.

Here they slowed and moved restlessly, muscles rippling at the ready and inside the ache began

where could she bring forth that which needed to come to fruition soon

would she survive that sound that could bring death

her sisters spoke to her and moved close knowing that which would soon happen

they protected her but how long would that last

what was to happen to them all.





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