Corporate Language



After so many years on this path, how do I find inspiration? And what does all this language even mean?

Lengthy commute allows for time deep in thought,

About whether I’m enjoying my career path, or not,

My mind starts to wonder about what could have been,

Or how it’s hard changing now after 20 years in,

I feel panic; is this career something I can revive? 

When my boss tells me my ‘lean in’ looks more like a dive,

I remember what works when my distress is acute,

Get a quick win or grab some low hanging fruit,

Without passion we survive on instinct and cunning,

Bosses smile on those who hit the ground running,

Think outside the box and see your potential bloom,

Or develop a thick hide, elephant in the room,

If clueless, it’s important to take it offline,

If thrown under the bus, it is rarely benign,

Don’t have the bandwidth?  Too much on your plate?

Remember “Fall seven times and stand up eight”,

Circle back, drill down, touch base & begin,

Move the goal posts and there is no more win-win,

At the end of the day you’re not there to grapple,

When challenged, remind them ‘compare apples to apples’,

I sigh, this lingo to which we all cling,

I don’t have a radar, don’t know how to ping,

But I do know I’ve come to depend on this check,

And come Monday, it’ll be all hands on deck,

So I’ll enjoy the weekend, today’s sole requirement,

And stay fresh on the language of the office environment 

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