Socially transmitted indescretions



The birthplace of antimatter grins


 Caught myself grinning again yet today.

I ought to give in and just let it display.

I've tried to seem grin to keep others away

but, that veil gets thin when it glows so this way.


 I can't stop my smile, it might be an infection!

There standing by while I write interjection.

I'll bend pen to send grin in a fair written inflection,

how to infest it on your chin, now there is the question.


 Here, see if this fits. Oh, I've a mile long supply.

Where? In front of your head! Now, I'm grinning sly.

There! Now look at you, with that gleam in your eye!

I've spares and you'll need 'em too 'cause that puce green one got dry...GRIN


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