without Iniquity



urban commentary

rebars rust splitting concrete at irons cost
grey dust falls away from exaggerated wires

urban decay promoted by grandstanding 
youth atop another. marker pen names .
inspired rap crap anonymity shouts 
I woz here ( to those in the know)

sterile pens these days not even sniffable.

brains over and out on wifi . WAN faces
from vitreous messages blinking out
hate and spite for structures. Scenes
are augmented hunts of ghouls.

next addicts in line: petting in play
gyms on street corners. Cartoon 
wars have no conflict?

clouds of vape a new narcosis .
in stupor we watch them
swallowing grey bytes flaked 
off the cable networks of yuff .

Global Scriggler.DomainModel.Publication.Visibility
There's more where that came from!