Winter Jasmine



Winter Jasmine climbs the wall convincing a creative spring is near but nature lies.

Icy fingers climb the spine

But you remind me of spring

Out of the ice your spindly tines

Frozen right before my eyes

You insist its spring

You remind me every time I pass

Rich yellow flowers defy the senses

While other flowers sleep in silence

You’re awake

You haunt me with intangible scent

The sunlight through winter curtains

Another evening spent

I wait for the sunlight to melt the ice

Wait for the cold to leave the spine

Bees on lost scent trails

Ants from burrows deep in the ground

You insist its spring

A fragrance bold and loud

Beside the ghosts of summer

Broken stems. Black and grey

I planted you last winter thaw

So convince me,  spring is on its way…

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