A poem about how I feel when listening to music.

Music, blended notes

Cascade through moments

Enveloping the senses

Existence expands

Outside boundaries

Back and forth

Across the strings

Notes whispered in air

Ivory keys caressed

Making emotion bare

Gliding boldly in space

Imagination set free

Leaving behind reality

Bass resounds in force

Set tempo and time

Cycles upon a course

Tones and melodies

Notes of sensuality

Scales of bliss

Rhythm and rhyme

Sounds pulse and flow

Over and under

Above and below

Space between throbs

A cadence and dance

Breath through brass

Reeds tremble too

Adagio or allegro

A melody is cast

Grandioso or grazioso

Pitch and timbre

A harmony makes

Each stands alone

Together, merged

Beauty all create

Time is lost

Stillness, peace

Inside the music

Wrapped in notes

Caressed by tendrils

Carried far away

For now a moment

Here is where I stay




                                         My Parallel Universe | Source

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