The Power of Love, love that challenges human understanding.

An illuminating aura that threatens the stance of impostures; escaping idealistic views and capturing the potion that sails from soul to soul, the power of love.

Adornment sets out on an exploration, seeking to acquire his resting place. It travels through turbulent conditions, while avoiding crash landings on obstreperous terrain. Changing its course and eluding battered and bruised pavement, seeking the perfect runway to release his landing gear.

Carefully browsing through the rubbish, there in the mist of chaos, he finds his resting place.

Ah Love, not that which is created through blinding rainbows of lust; Agape-Love true and authentic.

A spiritually dynamic and selfless awakening molded and compressed together as one.

Patiently a=Waiting patiently in the mist, refined elegance, patiently waiting for the arrival of what her heart has signaled for; cohesive enrichment.

Now he may relinquish and drape her with adoration, by sealing her heart with intensive wonders of spellbinding affections.  

Though he stands firmly planted before her eyes, she can see no image; only what she feels. Her heart is satisfied with the ultimate love, one that is blind to the eye, for its delivery was ordained, not derived from the pits of lust.

Therefore the stream from which it flows is irrelevant to the eye. Everlasting showers shall drench her soul with cascading rivers of eternal devotion.  

The Power of Love!


E. Amoire

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