She and I



As an expat in Australia, just in love and awe of the stunning Indian Ocean waters!



She and I




Standing tame, absorbing the nourishment from this lavishing star

As the ocean woos me near


She listens

Caressing my skin, each tide, surging, extracting my truth

As my private essence meets with the earth’s voice


I waken

As each rare grain wraps my feet warmly, softly embedding

Grounding into the answers that ebb with the surf


She speaks

Soothing tones arranging melodies in my being

Resounding throughout my hermitage scouring the cancers


I hear

Reassuring biddings pleading to my mistrust

The present is the crowning ingress and I stay, compatible with it


She affirms

Replenished, a brisk rapturous revelation attends me

Like a suggestion this dear sentient comrade


I rest

In our reverie as I ease into this sacred embrace

Congenial, I am, beside this enveloping, penetrating sea


We unite


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