Infinity – Where I met my soul



How do we see, perceive, and understand who we are.

Infinity – Where I met my soul


A Poem by: G.S. Hague

Dreams are dreams of reality yet to happen,

To wonder about where one yet will wander

til the future comes to fruition.

Delighting in things unseen and yet believing

Is imperfection the key to true happiness

Juxtaposed do they not cancel each other out

If so do nightmares give birth to greater dreams

And living in the past rob us of our future

At the center of the soul lies the key

The coming of reality is a dream that was dreamt

Solitude rests in the soul of isolation

Enlightenment comes from the past

And disbelief is dispelled in seeing what’s delightful.

I met my soul at the center of infinity


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