Off to College



A mother's tribute as her daughter is about to leave the nest

Off to College


Her eyes are deep and dark as chocolate,

her hair is as soft as a peach’s fuzz,

her cheeks are as plump as a plum,

her scent is as sweet as honey.

Her voice the joyful resonance of chimes in the wind.

My daughter.

My joy.

My everything.

Small, plump hands,

dimpled and sticky,

pink pinafores,

Cinderella gloves,

she was my fairytale,

too good to be real.

Yet she grew,

and grew,

and grew.

Now I gaze into her eyes, wise and strong,

her hair is thick and long,

her cheeks are shadowed by strong bones.

She smells of paint and charcoal,

her voice is deep and resilient,

my daughter,

my joy,

my everything.

Long, beautiful artists’ hands,

with pastels and ink,

jeans, sweaters and heels,

no part fairytale.

Just a powerful woman,

headed into the world,

leaving me behind,

with a memories in my mind,

like a fairytale told over, and over.

My daughter.

My joy.

My everything.

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