The End Of A Cold Blooded Criminal



Dark is the sky So are his actsLonely n wounded Jesus he chantsone by one Every sin he commitNow Flashbacks in his eyes Suffering the pain Piece by pieceAlone under the tree he liesSlowly the wind is blowing away The sirens echoing through ...

Dark is the sky So are his acts
Lonely n wounded Jesus he chants
one by one Every sin he commit
Now Flashbacks in his eyes 
Suffering the pain Piece by piece
Alone under the tree he lies
Slowly the wind is blowing away 
The sirens echoing through tunnels
Slowly the leaves are falling down
The bullets lie buried In his muscles 
Tired he is , become so old 
world around him growing dark n Cold 
Hoping for mercy Hoping for life 
A Minute of peace he wants to survive
His end has now come 
His end is now near
"Your end is now nigh" 
The Devil screams in his ear

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