I never know where I might turn up trouble next.



..an "inbareskin" encounter!


 I've got turbo-charged fins, antimatter grins,

and Phlex fuel injection over sub-whiskered chins!

With bi-solar skins, and photon adapt-ins,

I can be powered by plankton or propelled by the winds!


 Though I dwell among trees, I'm a fish of all seas,

and of land and the breeze, I've accomplished degrees.

Relaxed and at ease in most galaxies,

there's this "little blue" tease,...makes my fins wobble like knees.


 She's gracious and fair, above any, I'd dare.

Vivacious with care, sharing love, water and air.

I've surfaced her face where, some must just live there

and shared a "fish to face" scare with a poor pair who wear hair! 


 Ooops! 'Scuse me!!! ...:::>-=^;>

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