Live for the purpose your enslaved ancestors had in mind, make them proud so they can finally rest in peace!!

As #BlackHistoryMonth winds down remember:  With all that is happening in America as racism rears its ugly head again and again I think of all those who have gone before, their suffering, their sacrafices, their strength and in my heart I choose to live my life in memory and in honor of all that was denied them, all that they endured and I refuse to take the road that has been paved by those who were the perpetrators of ill will by shooting drugs into my veins, by committing crimes against my people leaving those ancestors tossing and turning in their graves, instead I choose to give them praise and live my life in such a way that they can rest in peace knowing that peace never came to them as they lived.  I am moving forward on the path they cleared for me with their blood, sweat and tears when they were here and I hope you do the same...



Refusing to be intimidated by your
intonations, as you go about delving into
my life without my permission,
looking for whatever you might find, as
you strive to manipulate my destiny,
you can not stop my endeavor because
you are just not that clever,
my obligation is distinctive,
coming from the utterances of many kindred spirits,
separated by time, though they are gone from this world,
my ancestors are deeply rooted in my soul,
being the prototype of strength
and forgiveness, etched in the blood, of their existence;
I would never let you intimidate me nor
give you a reason to imprison me,
recognizing your desire to do just that,
I stay on track and play the game to make
my forefathers proud, allowing them to rest peacefully,
since in their lifetime that peace was denied them,
and in fact, was never intended to exist
in the confines of slavery


© 2015 Connie Jordan
All Rights Reserved

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