Nature Loves Her Children



Spring follows Winter as a child does its mother, for there is no question one depends upon the other. Under Mother's watchful gaze, Spring ventures out, the more precocious, Winter plays hide and seek with shadows, slightly more self-conscious...

Spring follows Winter
as a child does its mother
for there is no question
one depends upon the other
Under Mother's watchful gaze
Spring ventures out, the more precocious,
Winter, plays hide and seek with shadows,
slightly more self-conscious
These two, born one after the other,
are not strangers to a little rivalry
Spring often having to fight
for a nod that is congratulatory

Their siblings, Autumn and Summer,
always seem to have the most fun
though Autumn is a bit jealous
of Summer's radiant disposition
Like most children, these four
each try to outdo the other
sometimes they misbehave
test the patience of their Mother
They challenge the boundaries
that she in her wisdom has set,
at times they throw tantrums
when their plans have been upset

But Nature loves her children
each beautiful in their own way
she celebrates them equally
holds them close on their worst day
She knows as they grow older
they'll discover as she has done
that the loss of innocence
is sure as the rising of the Sun
That some will see your beauty
yet thrill at its destruction
leave you with ugly scars
fill your depths with their corruption
When they have all they need
some still desire more
with a hunger that is never sated
try to fill the emptiness at their core

As Mother watches her offspring grow
an icy grip lays hold of her heart
she cannot predict their future,
or if their family will be torn apart
How long will Man’s lust smolder,
before embers become a raging fire?
Before he tries to disrobe her again
auction her beauty to a wealthy buyer?
His progeny populates the parts of her
laid bare where her garments were torn
Nature wonders if it’s still possible
not every man-child hates when born
Will her children lose their innocence
to win a war with Man and his greed?
Or, in defending her honor, be destroyed,
along with her and all of his seed?

Dark clouds, these thoughts linger
and weigh heavy on her mind
yet Nature clings to a hope
that all is not lost with Mankind
Perhaps there are those who do see
The fork in the road ahead
Who give more thought to their ways
plant seed for future harvests instead
They might even come to love her,
Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer,
understand that Nature loves her children
seeking their best like every good Mother

Posted May 12, 2017

Nature Loves Her Children © 2017 by Kris Peterson. All rights reserved.

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