Spiraling Home



A poem / chant for global evolution that came through me after reading Moira Timms' Beyond Prophecies and Predictions ~ a few weeks prior to 9-1-1 in the USA, a worldwide wake-up call.

It's time for:


Gliding, sliding

Coming out of hiding;

Purging, merging

Acknowledging the surging;

Knowing, flowing

Opening to growing;

Tuning, reuning

Oversoul's a-crooning:

Accelerate, celebrate

This is how we co-create;

Say "yes," pass the test

Get ready for the best!

Elation, initiation

Planetary transmutation;

This moment, the Light

Our collective in-Sight;

You are the I AM

Quickened in the cosmic plan;

Ancient mystery solved:

We evolved.


© July 2001 Amara Rose



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