Love and Light

I wrote this and thought I'd share it with you guys. It's written as I would say it (sorry grammarjammers)

I like to make conversation for progression of thought, keeping lines of information transportation taut. Share all you have no matter what you've got, it's a lot and if you can lend a hand to a friend when they get caught, in depression or an obsession of digression from what they sought to be and you aught to be there or here or somewhere to care and be an ear, to those you hold dear, so you can speak clear, a new view for them to hear and help them steer away from until all thum problems disappear, fill their lives with good vibes and cheer, creating memories to relive each year, be love and respect, be grateful and don't neglect, cause we never know what to expect or what will happen next. when we craft ideas into text sometimes it rhymes or is taken out of context and doesn't reflect the object trying to project from the mind, it's difficult transforming energy into space and time and trying to unwind, infinity in front of you n me, oo-ee wish we could be droppin doses and stoppin the hypnosis, placed on us by society but we can't you see be-cause we-was programmed by us for conformity, when what we need is freedom to create our reality, forming unity through originality, always all ways. Surrender to the flow and let go of the need to know, cause I don't know, that you know, what you know, you know? so show a verse, unscripted or rehearsed, release your soul into the universe, find yourself then find me and let's converse, about anything and everything cause it's the only thing that's happening.

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