Tightrope to love (or asylum)



A free verse train of thought

Walking on a tightrope to you
Strung up between high stakes
Much higher than my fear of heights
But my courage needn’t go to war
When my heart knows the path is right
It’s a simple matter of trailing along

Surrounded by temptation on both sides
Hellish devices to torment own mind and
Heavenly sheets to oversleep the days
I stay focused on where my reality lies
It’s merged with all the dreams within your eyes

With your company to gain, falling would be painful
Friends would say, I should stop being so playful
But I'm a fool for love which brings out my quirks
Laughing at my own chances of success
That zero can’t discourage the insane, so I’ll pretend

Before they place me in an asylum by mistake (or not)
I’ll make sure to write this chapter till the end
Though just a destiny’s toy toying with life
Regardless of what fate awaits my world
I’m pretty sure I can do this right by yours
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