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Come, Babe,You call me,And, I, your faithful servantAlways will. You extend your hand,Palm up,And like a tame bird,I am there in it. You whimper,And, immediately, I am holding you.You stagger,And I catch you before you fall. I named you mine,And I...

Come, Babe,
You call me,
And, I, your faithful servant
Always will.

You extend your hand,
Palm up,
And like a tame bird,
I alight upon it.

You whimper,
And, immediately, I am holding you.
You stagger,
And I catch you before you fall.

I named you mine,
And I kissed you,
I asked for and you granted your hand,
And I gave my soul in kind.

With this ring, I am indebted.
You gifted me solace, peace and passion
I gave my all,
To you, my love, to you.

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