Space couple



I decided to jot this poem down in a notebook I have. It just came out randomly.

She was just a starlight,

in the night sky.

He was just a comet,

passing the Earths atmosphere.

She was just a planet,

orbiting the sun.

He was just a meteorite,

hitting her, leaving a bump on her surface.


They had each other,

as long as they could protect themselves.


She felt the emotions,

sweeping her off her feet,

releasing the energy, she developed,

casting a spell on her lover,

to give her all the wishes she ever dreamed of.


He saw his opportunity to depth,

into her mind,

but refusing to grant her wishes,

for he knew the love would only end up in a disaster.


She felt alone then,

not being able to have her wishes.

It was the most important thing to her,

but she had cared too much of herself.


He let her go into the open,

leaving behind a piece of glass,

that penetrated her skin.

He knew she wasn't the one,

but did he know she was making herself better,

by using the attention he gave to her.





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