A stranger in my realms..

Stranger in my realms

I walk amongst you, but where am I

In those facets each of you are but a lie

Treading in an unknown boundary I believe

A stranger I am in lanes full of those

Trying to decipher the song not mine

Each of you made me feel the minute long glee

Then stole the time with nothing left to see..

Like a stranger I felt all while

In those talks and traits, all was spotted to be dark

My shadow refused to recognize that nameless art

Thou art the heaven you create, at that juncture where was mine?

In that overlong philanthropy, you beheaded my shine

Let me reweave what once was mine..

Chiding to the aisle, my shadow tripped over

Like that mystic rhyme mother sang unto me

For long went those tunes and tears to her last,

Treacherous was that time it stole my take.. 

Left was I, a stranger in my realms….

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