Dented Mental



A trip to show my descent in writing as I go. See the beginning weaves deeper and darker. It is I.



mental dent




bent schizo

go phrenic

im diesel




shake wake

damn it





Scaled injustice, dysfunction human,

Weak lead the breed, yet we choosin.

Up boomerangs down every throw,

High time i find ends declining low.

Devil rebel,morningstar, level sever,

Hell heat dwelled me, all my tethers.

Reflect heaven, hell demons scar in,

Scream never leaved keep a part win.

Dreaming I drowned, sunken flat line,

Spit rivers of Mimir, gapped all time.

Survivalist, sentinel, warrior of monks,

Infinite misery conformed into ones.

Puzzlemaster, mad hat, timed piper

Mind grinder my lined memory wiper.

Sentient syllabus bendable psycho,

A ballistic visualist I snipe rhyme scope.

Tragic comedy vedic seeded words,

Reread belief see it spoken absurd.

Cyclic circle whirls constant kinetics,

Rather blabber, scatter at dianetics.

Grand mind dialect reflect sun burn,

Embody heaven, hell, holed worm.

Structure dysfunction basically flaws,

Im Allah, YHWH, that being your all.

Ether speaker, deleter, the beginning.

Prophetic debt set to life for a century.

Deep lost, hell past, mad labyrinth,

Darkness I ride out, ran in, and gat in.

Idea robbery, logic hobby flirtation,

Deus me, I de us me, the invertation.

Spit fire meta mold word weapons,

Collect wrecked intellect step ins.

Metamorph contorphic endorphins,

Woven fate sown out of proportion.

Authors Author, mold folded smoke,

Niche no, freeze league, froze cold.

Underdog, foggy, retarded, made it,

Stand strong, elevate...

…..struggle comes fade it.


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