In deep



1/3/2017 A poem about self and love and the freedom of drowning.

I am here to catch your words.

I will eat them as my daily bread. 

Take you into me, I shall.

A part but one.

Each of us cursed

with this honour,

each of us blessed

with this burden. 

My mind is too often

a haze of this,

of you and I. 


I am swimming in it

while you sink and flounder.

I told you once that I do not like the sea...

it is only for looking at.

Maybe to listen to. 

It is not for me to bathe in. 

How did I become so immersed?


I dive down into the ether,

into this unfathomable possibility

and I surface, breathless and triumphant

with a fistful of your phrases

and a glimmer of your smile on my face. 


Perhaps I will find myself down there

in the depths of this whatever. 


I once had such a firm grasp of me.


But... now...


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