Who knows what sparks love

Your pretentious ways
had her perplexed and
confused so she began
to scrutinize you further;

Treating her like she was
your souvenir however,
there was an edge with
your pompous airs;

Everything was a mandate
with you like you were
always in command
on the other hand

She was a bit intrigued, so
She determined to take a
chance and with mirth
she became your marionette

Because truth told, you held
the mysteriously potent
power to pull her strings
and move her spirit

With such a sly maneuver
that even when it was
perilous your dexterity
made her feel

Anything was plausible;
even in the malady that was
soon to follow caused by your
arrogant ways

Which, after all mitigated
not a thing, nothing was
misconstrued yet she still
found you

To be meritorious enough
to give you her love and that
connection ended up being
legendary after all these years


© 2016 Connie Jordan
All Rights Reserved


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