Don't Cry for Me



I wrote this poem not long after the death of my grandmother.We had a very close bond, she raised me and I'd had a hard time accepting her death.I was visiting Kenmare in Ireland where she was born.I was missing her but I could feel her near.These words seemed to come from her.Creatur, endearment.




Don't cry for me my Creatur, don't weep

For I rest now in a magical place 

Tis in the arms of Orpheus I sleep

With Angel's breath to caress my face.


The cloth I use to cover me 

Is woven from the mists of morn

The pillow that lies beneath my head 

Was taken from the clouds at dawn.


Don't fear that I sleep in the dark

For in this place it cannot hide

The Light of God shines all around

And in this Love I do abide.


But remember Creatur, one more thing,

One thing I only ask you do

Don't forget my love for you burns bright

And I am watching over you



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