Chicken Bones



An experience when we arrived in a new town with no money, and somebody I will never forget.

Sitting on a park bench
Enjoying the sun
When a lady came and sat beside me
She asked me if I had some money
I answered that I did not have any

What she did next hurt my heart so bad
I had never witnessed something so sad
She walked over to the trash can
My thoughts were oh man
At least she found something to eat
But to my surprise and horror
What was in the parcel was not a burger

I felt so bad
And so terribly sad
What was I to do
As those chicken bones she started to chew
When she was done she turned and said mam
What am I to do with twenty rand
Cause that is what my children give
They really don't understand

So I do with it what I think best
Buy cheap wine and give my weary mind a rest
My children were aged five and two
So I also did not understand
How someone can do that to you
Perhaps to her it seemed as though

I did have some dough
Little did she know
All I had was one rand
Did not know how to feed my children and
Myself and hubby
But I figured what was I to do with one rand
So I put it in her hand
And as she walked away
With a lump in my throat
I managed to say
I hope you have a nice day

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