I Can't Open My Mind...



Because my mind can be dark and chaos and comparing and if we all stopped these thoughts, we could really help each other out


...because it's closed around you,Fixated on all you are and all that I am not.

I am locked in your dream,

Partaking in your game

Against my will and my wellness.

Suns rise and set, stars burn out,

First kisses are shared,

Last breaths are taken,

And all I can do is think of your beauty.

The art you have is so dark, it makes some believe you are so deep.

They fail to see you are as shallow as the well that you wish in. 

I know the stories you tell over and over until the characters caricature, and the words lose truth. 

I know the smiles you fake and the jealousies you endure.

I see the limelights you steal and the masks you paint on.

I hear the whispers you weave and the praise you prepare for.

Despite all that I know and all that I see,

It is still myself who feels less. 

Less beauty, less spark, less interest about me.

I am punished for your falsities.

You leave me webs of worry that cloud my sunny days.

And still my wish is for you to stop.

Stop and just be.

Then maybe I can just be "me" too. 

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