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15/12/2016 Just clearing out the mess of my mind and finding some jewels buried in there, beneath the detritus...

My neck snaps as I turn...

was it my name I heard just now?


The quickly cooling house cracks,

a loud snapping noise,

like a giant flexing his knuckles,

gettin' ready for a fight.


The crickets outside

rubbing their legs in an excited,

but repetitive, percussive song

of how they're gonna get laid.

Oh yeah, baby, they are the best six legged lovers

you ever did see.


...that balloon, that symbol of 

joy and hope and child-like fun.

That prize of toddler's hearts...

floating away on a gust.

My falling face endlessly apologetic.

I am sorry, kid.

I wish I had been more careful

with your dreams.

I would never crush your spirit

so deliberately...









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