Loves War



The emotional battle to love

Relation War,

Shipped Shore,

The Hard Road,

No More.


Desire Me,

Fire Feed Shaun,

Heart Heavy,

Give Up, Won.


Reactions Active,

Response Retarded,

Traction Retractive,

Unchanging Flaunted.


Fucked Up Plenty,

Admit It, Quit Shit,

Years Apart Empty,

Flawed I Fixed It.


Vowed Till Death,

Die Alive Im Unseen,

Fate Bated Breath,

Wish I Was Your Need.


Love You Entirely,

Failure To Love Right

Bleed Inside Of Me,

Hold Hope So Tight.


Last Battlefield,

Weary, Worn Out,

All That I Feel,

Real It Still Pours Out.

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