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Why do we do what we do to each other and the planet? Spotlight and floodlight, cast out the minds of humanProject perception of all self and other,What would happen if it mightBe balance in luminanceFor transcendenceof fortitudein solemnitywith gut ...

Why do we do what we do to each other and the planet?
Spotlight and floodlight, cast out the minds of human
Project perception of all self and other,
What would happen if it might
Be balance in luminance
For transcendence
of fortitude
in solemnity
with gut and heart and toil;
learning is as thought to feeling
the detail is not the figure
and the detail is not background
nor shape, nor
electromagnetic wavelength
nor spirit, bore!
maybe all those things, perhaps more
It’s understanding that information
contains consciousness in intonations
of matter and energy,
fluctuating elemental uncertainties
that shape perception and the mirror to the light,
what is nature and what is natural?
To explain it’ll be a pain to find the space of empty plane to lay out
on earth that we carve deep with imaginary conglomerates
gangsters franchise out collectivism and environmental pessimism
where moral realism is the persistent resilient
a tensile force strangling the globe
that keeps a vertical chain with chain-link horizons
bonded by economics, slippery with oil
a barren smokey curse of mind fog for global emotional clarity
all bonds can be broken without cavity
all misery defeated repeatedly,
just don’t listen to me,
listen to you and your elements
your path is most reverent,
natural faculties created more information than anybody can know

though one standard is enough, and yet nobody is standard

the deepest truths are reflected by their opposites
recognise the tide inside that yearns
one way or another, the shore may change
let go of bits and move across the drift of time
always there but never the same
distinct but not drawn out
as a brain defining the blame
or dogma defining the frame
is as stuck in the ground as a cliffside tree, precariously
a structure of the function of perceiving
where you could have done better than nefarious, see
Perceptions and deceptions meld into ownership of self
As sand and sea, comparably waving to result in a shore
With the force of each wave in each shore
when water rises to floating sky oceans
that project the floodlights of united spotlights
as lenses in a fly eye, take individuality
the image is our culture, is our regard for the earth
the dignity is in each angle contributing to a wider image
as each perspective creatively ignites
so remember that exploitation by focus brings distortion.
Our focus, our ends and means…
you must understand the person before the goals
and like foals in shoals they will unfurl
as the tide carries what pursuits of life
tack with the wind that is there
go without a care towards out there
and bring back ways unseemly for goals unseen
when in a few moments it becomes craft,
then let existence hang in the balance
what it was that you saw from a unique pause
that it be explained, and iterated, and uttered
all tenuous links to expropriate
the longing, laughing and lounging of hope so that it becomes appropriate
and pertinent to the persistent practice of life and love

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