From 'A Question of Power'(epic fantasy), original poem by Susi Wright, beginning Chapter 37


Power and Love?

Love or Power?

Twin sisters of True Happiness,

Having mischief in their power,

Run and play and make a mess.

To dance with one,

Or bow to one,

Both thwart the best-laid plans,

To truly have one or the other,

The True heart, quiet, stands.


Power and Love,

Love and Power,

Begin a merry dance.

Of all things in her power,

Fate turns these not to chance.

One movement as one,

One movement apart,

Both flee the chaser's art,

Yet drawn like moths unto a flame,

They rest in tranquil heart.


To die for Power?

Or die for Love?

Perhaps a fearsome bane,

But death for Love,

Not death for Power,

Alone, is worth the pain.

For bringing truth for all to see,

Both, in Love's arms entwine

To set the dancer, whirling, free.


'Tis Power, formed Divine.

Fantasy art



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