What colour do you bleed?



If I slit my wrists,And then yours too,Would mine bleed black,And yours bleed blue?If I ripped opened your chest,And then ripped open mine,Would yours beat ok,But mine beat out of time?If I pulled out my eyes,And then did the same to you,Would mi...

If I slit my wrists,
And then yours too,
Would mine bleed black,
And yours bleed blue?

If I ripped opened your chest,
And then ripped open mine,
Would yours beat ok,
But mine beat out of time?

If I pulled out my eyes,
And then did the same to you,
Would mine see lies,
Whilst yours see true?

If we both went to war,
But were on different sides,
Would we still be friends,
Or would we shoot one another as the dictators advise?

If we changed the way that we look,
And the colour of our skin,
Would it make it easier for others,
To see the person within?

If we took away the hatred,
That there is on the earth,
Would we still kill each other,
Or would we find that the other had more worth?

If I stripped away your skin,
And then stripped away mine,
Would I be made of darkness,
And you be made of sunshine?

If I slit my wrists,
And then yours too,
And our blood mixed together on the floor,
Could you tell me which belonged to you?

© Rowanne S Carberry 05/08/16
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