Self Discovery/ Reflection


I am not afraid in the darkness

I do not feel warmth in the light

I am not alone in the silence

That haunts my soul in the night.


I am not immune to doubt

I am not incapable of regret

I keep secrets too deep to hurt me

That I have not yet learned to forget.


I am not naïve and carefree

I care not for deceit and lies

I believe what those I love tell me

That truth exists and never dies.


I am strong yet not fearless

I am weak yet not frail

I was taught to follow my heart

That to give up on a dream is to fail.


I am not alone on this journey

Many souls this road has known

Some searching for familiar pathways

That my heart has not been shown.


I am not lost nor forsaken

I find courage every day

Walking in the footsteps of others

I will never find my own way.


I am not afraid in the darkness

I now feel warmth in the light

I now find peace in the silence

Hope shows my true path is in sight.



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